The 3 Crystals You Need To Summon Your Own Mermaid

The 3 Crystals You Need To Summon Your Own Mermaid

Soul and Spirit Magazine on Feb 15th 2014

We present to you the three must-have gemstones that are essential to help you summon your own mermaid!

Firstly, in order to connect with the sirens of the sea, you need to be at one with the oceans. Aquamarine, as the name suggests, is a blue crystal that resonates with the water element, and in doing so can help bring you calm, compassion and put you in touch with your higher self. In Ancient Greek mythology, mermaids and sirens were known for their ability to lure in sailors with their enchanting voices, and Aquamarine is great at helping to unblock your throat chakra. Holding a piece of this on your fifth chakra will help awaken your voice and let your spirit mermaids hear you from afar.

Now your throat chakra is open and vocal, you need to invoke that sought-after feminine energy that mermaids are famed for. This is why we’ve chosen Abalone shell as our next gem of choice. Harnessing the energy emanating from this piece is crucial in bringing out your inner femininity and allowing you to see the beauty in everything that surrounds you. As Abalone shell is connected to the moon, when the next full moon is out, gently run your piece under water, and leave it in the moonlight overnight. The next day, it will be fully charged, and you should feel its feminine powers running through you whenever you hold it.

Lastly, in order to fully become at one with the mermaids, you need to be as calm as the seas that you so wish to connect with. Amazonite is great for instilling a sense of peace and tranquillity throughout. Also associated with the element of water, this blue-green stone can help clear your mind, sharpen intuition and ground you. When your mind is clear, you’ve opened the channels to accept calmness and a more relaxed state of being. If you’re ever feeling stressed, hold your piece of Amazonite, close your eyes and visualize a calm sea. Inhale and exhale, as you feel your worries drift away.

1) With your three stones, take them to the bathroom with you. This is the room in your house that is most closely connected to the element of water. Run a bath, and fill it with anything you see fit to help you connect to the sea, such as essential oils and bath salts.

2) Before you get in, light an array of white candles and place them around your bath. Tea candles will work just fine.

3) Place your crystals at the end of your bath and get in. Lay back, close your eyes and visualize yourself in the sea as a beautiful mermaid. Your intentions and state of tranquillity should encourage your spirit mermaid to come to you in your dream state.